Tuesday, July 31, 2007

The sizling rain

It is always welcoming for every one to get the nature fresh wind and drops of rain.
These days it is happening in chennai, it is a pleasant start for the day with a pleasant atmosphere. When the cool breeze touch the flesh or passes your way it is an experience that you are cool and away from the hot pressure and tension of the day to day jobs, studies.
It is interesting to see a wet nature. Wet in the rain and walking simply thinking of our dear and near one's, i don’t know it is a good experience for me, just a song came into my mind. An excellent time to write a romantic poem (i tried but romance is out of focus for now).
The most interesting thing in the raining morning is the methods to avoid the rain, i need rain but I don’t want to wet in rain (I thing all people are like that in the mornings). But in the eve coming back to the room there is a small thought of getting wet in the rain but at that time only i remember the words "An apple keep a doctor away - not rain". But rain is a partner that always allows me to thing a lot reminds me to write a lot. Rain is a stimulant to me which gives more energy to think about the nostalgia feelings. I am welcoming the rain always. The omnipotent GOD is too mercy for me to provide the rain.

Let us see with some other thoughts later