Monday, February 18, 2013

Nascom Meeting

First time I was going to a nasscom meeting. It was about QA, basically for QA personals but it start interesting. Start with a small introduction about nasscom and about the speaker. The speaker was from Nest, a company based out of  Cochin. the speaker was focussing on mainly challenges implementing qa processes, how to tackle it, automation and various tools that helps, different process models, how to get cooperation, what is the importance of metrics, and experiance of the speaker and audience.
It was not a very interactive meeting but it has some of the inputs to take away. It was a good combination for startup and well settled company. The presentation was really good and the time management of the speaker was remarkable. It was really interesting to a QA person who is looking for more options and have hurdles in front. 
The speaker was really experienced and gone through difficulties according to his talks. It was really interesting to see others present like this. But was not very interactive, through all audience that may be people like me are sitting there.
What I get from the meeting, able to meet couple of people, got some ideas of conducting a presentation, got some idea what big companies process is and a high tea.
Silent point: it is very difficult to sit 2 hrs with QA people surrounded by you.;)
It was good with some take always points and emphasis of process.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Driving Motors

I was driving today morning and suddenly start hearing some motor sound. It took a minute to recognize the sound is coming from my vehicle, at the time i recognize we all are driving motors.
The same case for professionally also, if we are bothered about why all the things happening, we are always like driving motors. 

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Different brains and stroms

These days I was sitting in meetings a lot time. I see dimensions of the mind's.
I see power thought's, trying to dominate, trying to sell what is not good, impose on others. All these are different dimensions of human minds I believe. Good think is sometimes I will get irritated but God give me ability to get out that after a quick refresh.
I have seen storms in the meeting for nothing, to dominate the thoughts. They may be correct in some way, but it is not an autonomous decision, some of the people's think that that are correct always, acceptance is missing. These days I am asking myself more times where I am in this group, if I get a chance. Also may dominate ( may be). But my things are to dominate the decision why need a meeting a press release is enough, this is I need from you. I may not pay you or not but it is your group responsibility. One truth is this is how the meeting runs. And no body is satisfied.
Different brains causes storms, the storms  can make wonders of changes if it is healthy, else it is a destroying wind.