Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Feeling of relaxation

Just felt relax when talked to a special friend after a long years, more than 10, felt like back into rhythm of old enthusiastic mood, talking about childhood etc... One of the cause of talking to my friend is because of facebook. The ways that God leads us, really interesting. I felt really happy, and thank God.

I was reading about the vanity and understanding that this is the exact same case King Solomon, son of King David was teaching.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Social everywhere

I was out of the network for quite sometime, but got in back, I think in another way these social sites are getting my more (sharing) with the circles, groups or whatever it means, and making my time consumed as well. It may be my feelings - I want the world to know I took pictures or I write something blah. blah... and share it with different people (family, school mates, friends....). Its a big time now.  Earlier to watch a marriage photo I walked to the house and get the album and see, later it becomes mail attachments, later picasa uploads, now if I ask some one they will tell look my facebook, orkut.... Great the innovations, but again is anyone getting hurt of all these, do I share more than the world is interested of, do I need to do this... these thoughts getting me whenever I do all these.. Do I only think like these or somebody else as well...

BBQ Grll

Studied how to operate a BBQ grill and how to make hand burgers, really cool ... The toughest part I found is how to identify that is cooked well or not. Next time need to try with charcoal and get the things right. Am getting interested in cooking now a days rather than eating outside, but I am sure my laziness drags me to the restaurant(s). Let see the grill make any difference or not..