Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Touching Rain ;)

After a long time, the rain come down to the town. It was very happy to see the showers of rain. Riding in rain is excellent, the drops are hitting like stones on the body, really a cooling effect for the mind. Driving through the rain is really bad for health, I know, but the unexpected rain allows me to do that and that makes the day very happy. Really a touching one ...

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Error Notification in Lotus Designer (8.5)

I was quite surprised with the icon of the application displayed in the lotus notes designer 8.5. But it was interesting and simple. With the database icon I got addition red error symbol, (same as error in a Eclipse project). If you see that please go and check in the problems view that is available in the designer.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Notes Exception

Last day I got into a Exception "Notes Exception : The document is already exist in the collection".
This was a unfamiliar exception for me, and I am happy that google didn't give me answer for that.

LotusNotes usually give a loot of exception, but this was different from that. The problem was with NotesViewEntryCollection and NotesDocumentCollection. One of the Program was trying to convert NotesViewEntryCollection to NotesDocumentCollection directly by getting the viewentry and using the method .add() to NotesDocumentCollection. I dont know why that result the above error, may the problem of the implementation as well.

I believe that Direct casting(Convertion) of Domino objects are not so efficient as Java