Monday, September 24, 2007

Lotus Symphony

Its nice to hear that IBM launched Lotus symphony. This is the free office tool, the advertisement itself tells that no need to worry about the LICENSES in the s/w field. Just we can browse through that and see what are the adv/dis about tis tool.

Thursday, September 20, 2007


Now a days i was reading the 7 succesfull habits by Steven.

Just thought of sharing about the habits he mentioned there

1. Be proactive
Make yourself active in every situations, and make yourself mentally strong. Believe in yourself, believe in your thoughts

2. Think the last first
Be ready to say "No" to the unproiritize(unimportant) works.

3. Put first things first
Study to prioritize the works, study to manage the time that you have.

My opinion all are are aware of these things but the writer put it in an order to make it clear, its good to refresh all these to have a balanced life.

These points are about the private victory.. While reading i thought that it was good to share some of the points, that i have.


Thursday, September 6, 2007

Teachers Day

Yesterday was teachers day ( September 5). Just going back to the olden school/college days, teachers a valuable treasures for us, who gives the glitters of knowledge from all the sciences. At that time it is very hard to know the value of a teacher. But now thinking it was the golden days that we hear and learn about new stuffs from our teachers. I am wishing all my teachers a happy Teachers Day.

Sunday, September 2, 2007

A fresh start

A fresh start needs

A fresh way of Thinking

A fresh Attitude

A fresh Mind

We can try starting it... Let God bless our days....

What i lost last friday

Last friday two of my colleagues get relieved from my company. They are going to two of the biggest IT companies in India, I am very happy about that and wishing them a great future.

They are my best ever seen in my work area, both professionally and personally but we can’t everything to happen in our own ways. God has decided all the things what need to be, where we need to be and how much time you need to be there all. God has some mission to do with us wherever we are. I believe that there mission in our company is over. All the things that happening is for good and according to me it are all pre-decided by GOD.

If anything happen in office I can walk and talk to them whenever I want that is what i miss on last Friday.