Friday, March 1, 2013

Call taxi experience

I was traveling in a calltaxi. The driver was too fast and it seems angry on some one. Driving like that. He was claiming that he was driving for years on Singapore and the rules there are pakka so he is very disturbed with all politicians and the law makers here. I was trying to make him aware that India is a very vast and diversive country, but he seems very adamant. He was scolding all the way specially bikers. One time I stopped him and say that understand them also, he was randomly making assumption that I am a biker so I support. I decided to stop because there is no points talking to people with pre defined mind. He was claiming that he drives taxi in Singapore, which is the best road and traffic country according to him, but even understanding his points I am 100% against him he has only his views, he is not seeing the beauty of India. And the way he drives was very rash and zig zag manner, which confuse and make me anger.
The first thing that all these drivers need orientation and anger management, they know that Indian traffic are like that in peek hours then why they drive on the time. I request all these type of people to drive on non peek hours or go back to other country they like to drive, else go for other occupation.