Monday, February 12, 2007

Care for our eyes

How to take care of your eyes at the time of working in front of computer especially?

Last Saturday I and my friend went to Eye specialty hospital. There I got some of the advices for caring our eyes. This is applicable for the people who are not wearing the spectacles also.

  • Blink eyes at least 18 times per minute.

Looking constantly will make your eyes dry. Blinking the eyes will help for this.

  • Look to a distant object in every 5 minutes.

Looking constantly to the near object is always strain your eyes, to avoid this try looking some distant objects.

  • Give rest to eyes.
  • Clean your eyes.
  • Do not give extra strain for our eyes.

If we feel some uncomfortable feeling to our vision contact the eye specialist, this will help to clear our vision.


MV said...

Hi linoy,

Thanks for your suggestions. This will help me to improve my eye sight

Prasannaa said...

hmmm if you have followed this from earlier days, you dont have to visit eye specialist now.

Just kidding.... thanks for the useful information

sita said...

good information linoy