Monday, May 5, 2008

Great quotes for the day from X

Whatever i write it goes to a different manner for some of the Anonymous users.
Whenever i do something it will backhit me with some of the problems.
Whatever i did is with good intention only.
Whatever i did may be hurt little of XXX, but it will convert to prosperity of happeness.

Is this type of things ever happened in any ones life, YES it would but how to handle this. SMILE and handle it :) .


Thiyagarajan said...

Linoy what happened?

Thiyagarajan said...

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What is this linoy? Tooo many anonymous comments?

Linoy said...

You are right - dnt know why people are notready to reveal there identity while writing some thing and why/whom they are afraid of??

Anonymous said...

ippo nee enna solla vara......!

ப்ரசன்னா said...

Linoy has been watching lot of Visu Movies I guess.