Sunday, August 3, 2008

Acting Smart

There are lot of players, who is not getting enough reputation or consideration, who are zealously working for there employer, country etc..

Those who are very humble and not ready to complain or argue for there works. The world it seems to ignore every thing, since the world know from the behaviour that they will work hard with full mind and with the ingenuous. The rewards will never be coming to them unless someone demanded it. In the earlier ages the people who are doing there work with honesty and perfection are considered as the smart people, and the challenges and the rewards are on the way. But the be who can act really smart are the smart guys(the industries defines it). The persons who can penetrate in to the soft corner of the boss and the worldly people can be smart these days. I believe that they can act as smart but not always. The consistent players are not making a lot of noises since they love to work with satisfaction than reputation, but as err is human and forgive is divine, these acts will spark the artless mans heart. Some kind of frustration, but that will not (should not) exist for a long time, then there will be no difference.

The consistent players will act always as they got opportunities (otherwise they will try to make the opportunity) to serve and the other people will make there mind saying that this is the persons attitude/behaviour and when a person who is not that much dedicated and do something for the name sake and will easily get noticed and the rewards will come to them :) (it is more easy to deceive people), this is good in one sense to get the fallacious to motivated. But don't ignore the other groups always.

The vision of the people is not get rewarded but the reward may be a good word can be motivate each and every person, else for what we need to live??

But the truth will not be hidden for entire lifecycle. One day or not, the players will be reputed atleast in some peoples mind (usually when they miss them), at that time all will measure the value of consistent players. The value of the eye can be only known when it is not there.

But honesty is the best policy and whoever is doing that will not fail or fall, the high esteem and honor will come to them in a way or another. so we can act smart always with the fulfillment of mind.


Archana said...

Y Linoy this much disappointment in ur post.. What sir any problem in ur work place???--ArchanaVj

Thiyagarajan said...

Linoyyyyyyyyyyyy. What happened?. Are you trying to tell some message to some one ?

Linoy K George said...

@Archana : - It is not the words of disappointment, it's the worldly truth that I understand from my life. And it is not fully official, social and day to day life as well.

@Thiyagu :- Nothing happened da, and No messages to "some one" as you mentioned. I am not intended as well. Just mirror to the facts :).

ப்ரசன்னா said...


Today's world requires only Smart workers. But its not the smart what you have mentioned here. its something else.

You can be a hard worker. But in today's competitive world hard working is not at all enough to get the rewards.

Try to be smart dear

Magi said...


Here is my piece to add...

Hard/Smart depends on how well your work yields return to the company and this is proportionate to rewards/hike.

Anyone can project by extrapolating his/her work to get more rewards/benefits.

The motivational factor comes in from you. You need to focus on getting more revenue through multiple ways to the company and need to count on it.

This will motivate one to do more things irrespective of rewards/benefits (which are transient)independent of company.


Linoy K George said...

Hi Magi
Happy to hear after a looong time.

I was trying to say about the proportion of Hard/Smart workers....

I think there is a bridge between hard/smart/motivation