Friday, May 23, 2014

MindTools - How Good Are Your Communication Skills? (Article Review)

I have read a great informative article from MindTools. Was a great article, the people behind have invested time to get it written. The article that I am referring is "How Good Are Your Communication Skills?". Please take a communication test and read the article from the MindTools. Some of the Key points about Improving the Communication skills (obviously from the article), putting down.

The Source – Planning Your Message 
To plan your communication  :
•Understand your objective. Why are you communicating?
•Understand your audience. With whom are you communicating? What do they need to know?
•Plan what you want to say, and how you'll send the message.
•Seek feedback on how well your message was received.

Encoding – Creating a Clear, Well-Crafted Message
•Understand what you truly need and want to say.
•Anticipate the other person's reaction to your message.
•Choose words and body language that allow the other person to really hear what you're saying.

When writing, take time to do the following:
•Review your style.
•Avoid jargon   or slang.
•Check your grammar and punctuation.
•Check also for tone, attitude, nuance, and other subtleties. If you think the message may be misunderstood, it probably will. Take the

Choosing the Right Channel 
When you determine the best way to send a message, consider the following:
•The sensitivity and emotional content of the subject.
•How easy it is to communicate detail.
•The receiver's preferences.
•Time constraints.
•The need to ask and answer questions.

Decoding – Receiving and Interpreting a Message 
•Look at the person.
•Pay attention to his or her body language.
•Avoid distractions.
•Nod and smile to acknowledge points.
•Occasionally think back about what the person has said.
•Allow the person to speak, without thinking about what you'll say next.
•Don't interrupt.

•Confidence levels.
•Comprehension (or lack of understanding).
•Level of interest.
•Level of engagement with the message.
•Truthfulness (or lying/dishonesty).

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