Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Symphony 1.3 Vs X format of MS (DOCX)

Office 2007 Makes life easy for people who has 2007 package installed in there computers, People who sends the document will send as DOCX file format and that will kill opening the document in word 2003. I agree there are some good features available in the computer.Lotus Symphony 1.3 came with the capability of opening the DOCX format. Since it is free from IBM now every one can read if your friend send a document in DOCX format. Lotus symphony is cool as IBM ;)

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Abeish Babu said...

You can save your document as PDF and sent it across to people. Pffice 2007 has an option for sending the document as PDF. Otherwise Microsoft provides a installer fix which will allow you to open docx files in Office 2003.