Saturday, September 19, 2009

Another good poem I found - Love's Vortex

Where would I be, my lovely one,

If you were no longer here,

With your tinkling laugh,

Like shards of bright coloured glass,

Tumbling through life's stormy winds.

Where would I be, without your love,

Given so freely and true,

A love that has brightened my life,

Through all, thick and thin,

Like a sun rise, across the sea.

Since the moment we met,

My love has held true,

Even now it burns deep within.

As if some heavenly flame,

Had ignited my heart,

The day I first saw you,

And knew that our love would begin.

My one greatest wish, is to be with you,

Forever, sharing our love,

With our highest emotions,

Like a bird on the wing,

Flying so high and so free.

I will always be yours' alone,

As long as you still want me.

What man could ever wish for more,

Than to be by your side, with the warmth of your love,

As through the vortex of life we soar.
This is a good poem that I have seen. By JOHN Roberts


Vinita Santhosh said...

ente ammooooo

Abeish Babu said...

Love, Love Love......

ente ammooo, kakka malannu parakkunu.........

When will you officially announce the details of your 'lovely one'