Monday, August 8, 2011

Looking at a decision from all points of view

I was surfing through net with a feeling of de-motivation, discouragement and all kind of nonsenses, why I don't have an answer, may be related to weather, work and so and so etc...

Weather is unpredictable here, night it may/may not rain (like weather forecasting station prediction) days are sunny. Traveling gives me a tired feeling all the time... ,may be because of that. Then suddenly I realized may be because of burndown, I tried thinking about "decision's" and read an article from mindtools,

This tool was created by Edward de Bono in his book '6 Thinking Hats'.

The HATS are (interesting topics, if you understand this...)
  • White Hat
  • Red Hat
  • Black Hat
  • Yellow Hat
  • Green Hat and
  • Blue Hat,

If you want to read more read the article

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