Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Over-involvement (work) is on of the reason for the burndown, (this is one of the best idea that I got today).

When we are in high school and in college we are involved in everything, politics, class cutting, sports etc.... this is due to the energy level that we have better and to make the contribution as well. But in work environment this will be good if everything going fine, every one will be happy, but that will burndown you, when you start questioning you are supposed to get back kicks..
While reading some of the articles from one of the website I got some idea to control/Proritize/Stop it

1. What am I actually interested in?
2. What do I have the time to do?
3. Will my involvement be mutually beneficial?
4. Is there someone else who would be better suited for this leadership position?
 and adding my points/ thoughts to it includes
a.) Are you here for that.
b.) Is t your territory
d.) Do your involvement create problems

And I concluded "Better to get it to our territory only"

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