Monday, September 10, 2012

Think One Step below

Always it is easier to see who is above us, but it is great to see who is below and to learn the difficulties/problems they are facing. we (social animal) are always selfish and need to get our things right, not even thinking of other's who are all the part and part of our life.

Even your seniors, who are supposed to be put the right path before us are pretending and behaving the way that the culture should change to selfishness. It is a common phenomena now a days, in your society, office, small gathering...
In simple language, for me to get better I will use you, or use and throw, no bothering about your problems.
Can we be different from this???

Couple of months before when I was travelling I found a captain of Indian Navy, he was telling I am reaching home atleast in 3 months, i used to think about the people working in middle east or in Army, who were not able to see the family for almost a year or two.
It is better to see from that angle, seeing not the difficulties of us, but to thing that how we are blessed with this.

Can we make this world different by thinking one step back?

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